HOP MAMA <br> Self Love : Volume I

Self Love : Volume I

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It is no coincidence that you have found yourself on this page. The Universe works in mysterious and magical ways. Maybe you are feeling lost within yourself or you are wanting to make change but not sure how to implement it. By downloading our HOP Guide and joining our community, is the first step on your journey towards becoming your highest self and being unapologetically happy in all areas of your life.

HOP helps change your perspective on life which mirrors a positive reflection onto your children. 

HOP MAMA Starter Pack is an instant download.

HOP MAMA Guide: 11 easy-read chapters

  • What is HOP?
  • 7 ways to stay connected
  • Why HOP?
  • Understanding the method
  • Tips on how to HOP
  • Night Time
  • Buddy up
  • A.R.A
  • Sleep test
  • HOP for children
  • How HOP changed my life

    HOP MAMA Challenge Printables 

    • Instructions
    • Your first month
    • Kids star chart
    • HOP goals
    • Healthy habit list

    HOP MAMA Calendar

    • Month to Month calendar with affirmations
    • Screen shot each month and mark off the days you HOP.
    • Allows you to keep track of your HOP

    By purchasing our HOP MAMA Guide you get an exclusive access code to join our HOP MAMA Community on facebook where you'll be supported by other like-minded women and mamas on the same journey as you. 


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